Klaus' Plan For 'The Originals': 'Manipulate The Throne'

The OriginalsWhen "The Originals" premieres October 3, our favorite deadly vampire/werewolf hybrid, Klaus, has two very large problems on his hands. First, there's his former protege, Marcel, who has taken over New Orleans, the city Klaus and his family founded. Second, there's the pesky issue that his one-night stand is pregnant with his baby, something that heretofore seemed impossible. But which one is Klaus more concerned about?

Marcel is priority No. 1, according to "The Originals" boss lady Julie Plec. "I think right now Klaus is sublimating all anxiety he has about this potential heir of his, whatever it may be, into a very strong and aggressive grab for power," Julie told Hollywood Crush recently.

Joseph Morgan, the dimple-cheeked Brit who embodies a terrifying character like Klaus so darn well that he makes a mass murderer not only likable but swoonworthy, echoed Julie's thoughts. "I think [he's concerned with] whatever's going to give him the power that he feels he deserves. So right now, I think it's Marcel," he told Hollywood Crush. "He's come to terms with the idea that maybe the baby doesn't need to be killed right away—he's at that stage with the whole pending fatherhood. But I think, really, right now it's about putting a plan into place where he can kind of manipulate the throne from Marcel."

Of course, that won't come easy. "He's going to have to do it in an underhanded way because Marcel has hundreds—if not thousands—of vampires by his side. Klaus is just a one-man army," Joseph said. "So yeah, I think it's taking the throne back. I think that's his priority right now."

But fighting Marcel isn't as simple as swooping in and stealing back the crown, mostly because Klaus and Marcel have a complicated history. "His beef with Marcel isn't just about power, it's about loyalty and friendship," Julie said. "We'll explore that a lot in the first episodes, how Klaus feels a lot of love for this man, but is also deeply wounded by this man as well. The brotherhood of the two characters is a big part of the story, as much as the Original family itself."

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