'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Cat's Cradle'

Pretty Little LiarsThe mysterious tormentor on "Pretty Little Liars," A, has many faces—and now we know how, thanks to the creepy visual artist Emily, Hanna, and Aria found after discovering a mask he made among Alison's belongings. It was a mask of her own face, which is a totally normal thing most people have in their bedrooms, right?

"Cat's Cradle" saw the girls come closer to discovering the true identity of A, and by "closer" I mean just as frustratingly far away as ever, because now that we know there's a mask of Ali's face, the fact that the girls have been seeing her around town for the past few months becomes much less cuckoo. There's also going to be a mask of Emily's face, because creepy artist dude convinced her to pose for a Medusa sculpture one of his clients will love. That's obviously a decision that will come back and haunt her once A frames her for something terrible and blackmails her into doing something bad to stay out of trouble.

The girls did get evidence against one of their major suspects, who also seems to be a person of interest in the investigation of Det. Wilden's murder: Melissa. Spencer's big sister maintained she was out of town in New York the night of his death even though Mona saw her on the train, but Hanna swiped a mold from artist dude's storage room that could clear her name in the investigation: a mold of Melissa's face. Was it her on the train? Of course, this is another string that ties her to Ali and complicates that web even more, but it should take any heat off of her in Wilden's case.

Speaking of Wilden, the hot new investigator in town who's looking into his death is also looking into all the liars and their friends. Hanna saw Officer Holbrook's case board at the police station, and it appears that everyone she and her pals love are suspects. It really freaked her out, considering her mom clearly did something shady with Wilden the night of his death. She's so freaked out that it caused Caleb to hit up her dad for support, which backfired when he discovered Hanna's mom was at Hanna's dad's house that night and now his gun is missing. Later, Mrs. Marin told Hanna very mysteriously not to lie for her. What does it all mean?!

Spencer spent most of her time in "Cat's Cradle" helping Toby look in to his mother's death, which is looking less like a suicide now that they know his mom supposedly cleared a wall on the outside of the building when she fell to her death. It looks much more like she didn't jump.

Emily isn't having an easy go after she possibly ruined her chances at a swimming scholarship last week—A called child protective services on her mom to report possible abuse, which really seems low even for A. Those accusations are pretty serious, so much so that Em's dad is coming home to look into them.

Aria had a little more fun than the other girls, even if her date with hot karate instructor was kind of awkward. At least authorities aren't investigating a member of her family. Her living situation could change, though, because her mom's boyfriend asked her to move to Austria with him. It would be for less than a year, but as we know, time passes very slowly in Rosewood, so it means we might not see Mrs. Montgomery for a long, long time.

What do you make of the mask business? Did the artist really break the mold of Ali's face, or did A get her(?) hands on it? Does Officer Holbrook really think one of the liars or their friends and family killed Alison? Tell us your theories in the comments and on Twitter!