A 'Catching Fire' Hazing For Alan Ritchson?

After hearing so much talk of shenanigans on the set of "The Hunger Games," we thought for sure that the newbies in the "Catching Fire" cast would be in for some major hazing at the hands of their fellow tributes (particularly Jennifer Lawrence, whose goat-getting abilities are legend for obvious reasons). But when we caught up with Alan Ritchson, who joined the cast this year as career tribute Gloss, he had nothing but good things to say about his experience making the film.

"No hazing, fortunately," he said, laughing. Instead, he described "Catching Fire" as a great place to be, adding, "But to be a part of that, it was pretty cool. Jennifer's star just continued to rise, even through production...it was just cool to be there."

And not only was Alan not put through the wringer by his co-stars, he said that everyone, particularly the fantabulous Stanley Tucci (with whom he did his pre-Games interview scene), was "super-generous and giving."

Meanwhile, the actor says that the scenes he's most looking forward to seeing on the big screen are the same one the fans are likely clamoring for: the highly anticipated action sequences from the 75th Hunger Games.

"We shot some cool scenes," he said. "I like the really physical kind of action stuff. I spent months training for this stuff, fight training, and becoming a dagger specialist. All those things in the arena are going to be a lot of fun."

Are you excited to see Alan in action?