'Twilight' Goes 'Gangnam Style' In New Hillywood Parody

After nearly two years, a billion YouTube views and countless parodies, 2013 really seemed like it might be the year in which "Gangnam Style" would slink away at last to the graveyard of pop-cultural juggernauts, where it would rest on its laurels until the end of time. But no! Not yet! Because hello, we still hadn't seen the Volturi busting out their most excellent K-Pop jig moves in a "Breaking Dawn"/Gangnam Style mash-up!

Thankfully, the talented Hindi sisters of the world-famous "The Hillywood Show" have been working hard to bring us just that thing, with a new video that recasts the final chapter of the Twilight Saga as an epic techno-beat dance-a-thon.

Between Bella's vampire awakening and the Aro-Renesmee confrontation, the Hindis have more or less compressed the entire movie into a highly watchable five-minute music video (featuring Jacob Black looking quite dapper in Psy's blue tuxedo jacket and bow tie.) Bella comes to as a newborn vampire—Gangnam style! And runs through the forest in a cocktail dress—Gangnam style! And chows down a mountain lion...well, in the usual way. But not before dancing with it! Gangnam style! And it is, as Aro would say, re-maaaaaaaaaaaaahrk-able...but it'll also get stuck in your head all day long, so don't say we didn't warn you.

What do you think of the "Hillywood" take on "Breaking Dawn - Part 2"?