'Girls' Star Alex Karpovsky On His Double Feature

FROM NEXTMOVIE: Second only to ice-cream-hating Adam Sackler, manchild Ray was the "Girls" guy we expected to like the least when the series premiered last year. Yet, through his adorable relationship with naive Shoshanna, we've learned to like the lovable loser portrayed by Alex Karpovsky.

"Girls" is just one of the busy actor's jobs, however. In addition to the HBO show, Alex has two features ("Rubberneck" and "Red Flag") hitting VOD and limited release on Friday. On which, it should be noted, he boasts writer, director and actor credits. (That's so un-Ray!)

Our friends over at NextMovie chatted up the filmmaker about his chockablock schedule, the upcoming third season of "Girls" and his love for agave nectar.

Head on over to NextMovie to check out the interview with Alex!