Author Marie Lu Spills The 'Legend' Of 'Prodigy'

The "Legend" continues January 29, 2013, when the second installment in Marie Lu's dystopian series finally finds its way to bookstore shelves and eReaders. Seeing as we still have to wait an entire six months until we can meet "Prodigy," we just had to get a tiny tease of the upcoming action from the authoress herself when we met with her at this year's Comic-Con. (Beware, spoilers lie ahead in text and video if you haven't read "Legend"!)

As readers will recall, "Legend" follows military-officer-in-training June as she attempts to hunt down her brother's alleged murderer, Day. But the two end up becoming allies...and maybe more! So where do things pick up in "Prodigy"?

"'Prodigy' takes place a few weeks after the events of 'Legend,'" Marie explained. "So Day and June are now on the run from the Republic. They're trying to escape, but they're trying to save Day's brother, so when they're trying to escape they catch up with the patriot rebels and they find out that the Elector of the Republic has died and his son has taken over power. So the patriots tell them, 'We'll help you save your brother if you help us kill the new Elector.' So that's the basic plot of book two, and there's a lot of loyalty issues tested between the two of them. We'll get to see more of the Republic and more of the colonies and find out what life's like outside of the Republic."

So...pretty much everything we'd been hoping for! Marie had plenty more to say about the novel's new characters and the romantical hurdles facing Day and June, so be sure to click play on the video above to get all of the scoop!