'Legend' Movie 'Looking Really Good,' Says Author Marie Lu

The last time we checked in on the big-screen adaptation of Marie Lu's engaging, entertaining "Legend," producer Wyck Godfrey assured us that the movie wouldn't disappoint and that things were moving along swimmingly.

MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with Marie herself recently at San Diego Comic-Con, where she gave us her thoughts on the screenplay, how much she plans on being involved with the film and one actor she hopes to see play Metias.

"We just finished the screenplay and passed it on to CBS Films, and it was the first time I got to see it and I'm very excited about it," Marie said. "They've been great, [producers] Wyck [Godfrey] and Isaac [Klausner] have been great about sharing the details as they went along, and we had a nice call to discuss some of the details we might want to tweak later on, but it's looking really good. I can't wait for people to see it in action."

Marie went on to say that while there will probably be a few changes to her story for adaptation purposes, she feels that the filmmakers understand the most important elements and what has to be in the movie.

"I always said from the beginning that as long as the characters stay true to the storyline—I know that books and movies are such different media the plot is going to have to change in some respect or other, but as long as the characters stay true I think it will be great and the screenplay looks great right now."

And even though it's a ways out, we had to ask Marie if she's paid any attention to the fan castings or if she's thought of any specific actors she'd like to see bring her characters to life.

"I haven't watched too many of the fan castings. I see them in a very particular way in my head, so it's hard to cast them. I'm sure the casting directors will do a great job picking the right people," she said diplomatically. "The only person that I've pictured with an actor in my mind when I first started writing was Metias, who is June's older brother, and I always pictured Ben Barnes as Metias because I love Ben Barnes."

What do you think of Ben Barnes playing Metias? Are you excited for the "Legend" movie? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!