The Weekender: Miley Cyrus Dresses Daringly At Billboard Music Awards

The world of entertainment never sleeps. Anything can happen while you're resting and relaxing over the weekend, which is where The Weekender comes in. Catch up on all the happenings of the past 48 hours right now!

+ Miley Cyrus made a daring clothing choice at the Billboard Music Awards when she went pants-less and bra-less in a sleek, white blazer. And you know what? We love it! The best part of fashion is taking risks and the "LOL" actress pulled it off! (MTV Style)

+ Taylor Swift has got to be one of the sweetest celebrities around. After a Marine made a YouTube video in honor of his fallen comrade—a huge fan of the artist—inviting the country singer to the funeral, she replied by sending her condolences to the soldier's family. We tip our hat to Taylor for remembering our troops! (KBTX)

+ Joe Jonas is getting his summer grillin' on! The middle JoBro headed out to Silverlake, Calif., this weekend with fellow "Camp Rock" co-star Meaghan Martin to help raise money for Eton Academy by selling food. Bring that Canter’s Deli food truck to Times Square, Joe. We'll take a burger! (Just Jared Jr.)

+ Remember when we told you Kellan Lutz is going to play Tarzan in Constantin Film's latest project? The "Twilight" hunk is currently in Germany researching apes at the zoo and taking in his family ancestry, which includes eating A LOT of food. Think you need some help with that, Kel? We volunteer! (Twitter)

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