The Hillywood Show Premieres 'Hunger Games' Parody

With the success of "The Hunger Games," everyone is starving for a piece of the feast—including The Hillywood Show. While they're mostly known for their videos of the vampire variety (see: "Twilight" and "The Vampire Diaries"), the sister production team of Hannah and Hilly Hindi have jumped on the train, heading straight for the Capitol.

In their latest parody, Hilly dons a blue wig and sequined jacket as Caesar Flickerman and begins lip-syncing Jimmy James' upbeat and catchy "Fashionista." As Caesar prepares for the initial interviews before the Games, tributes in their vibrant and outlandish fashions line up for the show to begin. Kudos to the duo for the song choice. With lyrics like "You have to show a look, have a look, or give a look / Faces, beautiful / No one ugly allowed," the song was an excellent pick for the video.

The parody also hints at other scenes from the movie as the tributes parade on stage for a dance number. The different tributes make an appearance in the hot seat—our favorite obviously being the charismatic Peeta, as Caesar sings off a list of designers.

Towards the middle of the video, Katniss finally takes the stage looking as intimidated and nervous as she did in the movie. But, of course, Caesar has a way of making people feel comfortable and once he twirls her around, she also gets into the dance number. The parody ends with a shout from Caesar, "Hunger Games, how do you look?"

With a running time of less than three minutes, the sisters pull off a fun preview of their talents for viewers unfamiliar with their other videos. It's a quick nod to the popular film at a time when capitalizing—ha!—on the franchise works in their favor. It's not as extensive as their past parodies, but you know what they say—sometimes less is more.

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