The Hillywood Show Debuts 'Breaking Dawn' Parody

Hillywood Show Breaking Dawn ParodyIf you've ever found yourself fantasizing about what an Edward Cullen-Pitbull collaboration would look like, well, we're about to make your (very weird) dreams come true. The sister production team of Hilly and Hannah Hindi (known as The Hillywood Show) have released their latest parody, taking aim at "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" with a dance-club-ready soundtrack.

Much like their "Eclipse" clip, the sisters turn to Lady Gaga's songbook for inspiration, co-opting her hit "Marry the Night" and re-imagining it as "Marry Edward." Bella and back-up dancers wiggle down the aisle to the upbeat jam until her vampire groom breaks in with Pittbull's "Give Me Everything" (which I will forever and always associate with the celebrity-stuffed trailer for "New Year's Eve" and which will now be playing on loop in my head for the next three days).

As the newlyweds flee the reception hall, a champagne-guzzling Jacob Black takes over the vocals: "Excuse me, I might drink a little more than I should tonight / And I might take you home with me if I could tonight / Baby I'm going to make you feel so good tonight because we might not get tomorrow." What an interloper. (Also, kids, we don't condone under-aged drinking...even if the supposed love of your life is saying "I do" to a bloodsucker...)

The dueling tunes alternate as Edward and Bella prance around Isle Esme on their honeymoon, but things come to a screeching halt once Bella realizes she's pregnant. But instead of the abject horror Bill Condon's Edward displays, Hillywood's Edward is smugly self-satisfied, crooning the folksy Paul Anka song "(You're) Having My Baby." Bella's bloody birthing scene follows, with the parody ending on an imprinting Jacob once again lip-synching Pitbull, this time to baby Renesmee—an act I think anyone would classify as child abuse.

Unlike their previous efforts, Hillywood's "Breaking Dawn" parody takes no nonsensical flights of fancy (like Bella transforming into Lady Gaga), which seems like a missed opportunity for added levity and an omission of something that's become their signature. I will, however, give kudos for the casting of Austin Clay, who's taken over the Edward role from previous player Jacob Jost. Austin is a much better physical facsimile of Robert Pattinson. It's actually uncanny.

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