'Vampire Diaries' Star Nina Dobrev Reveals Her Most Embarrassing On-Set Moment

When Nina Dobrev stopped by the MTV Newsroom recently to dish on her work with Puma's Project Pink, we asked you, our loyal readers (and avowed Nina fans) to submit your burning questions for the lovely starlet. Well, we combed through the many, many submissions, presented them to Nina and made her reveal all. Our favorite? Nina's oh-so embarrassing moment on the Atlanta-based set of "The Vampire Diaries." We're going to rate this one PeeG.

"I once dropped my mic pack in the toilet," she replied, when asked about her most humiliating on-set slip-up. "Right now, I'm holding an actual mic, but usually on set we have a secret agent kind of—it's hidden underneath your clothes, and there's a giant pack that goes in the back pocket. I had to use the restroom and it fell in the toilet. I had to tell someone, and then they talked about it on the walkie, and everyone on set knew about it. It was quite embarrassing."

Too bad Nina couldn't take advantage of Katherine's vampire super-speed to catch the slipping mic before it made a splash. We should also add, for the record, that Nina was not forced to fish the drowned pack out of the toilet, though that was probably little consolation!

Click play on the clip above to hear Nina answer more of your Twitter questions, including which "Vampire Diaries" bromance is her favorite.

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How does your most embarrassing moment stack up with Nina's? If you could ask her anything, what would it be? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!