'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'The End Of The Affair'

Vampire Diariesby Cassie Title

This is a love story. A sick, slightly twisted love story, but a love story all the same.

There once was a vampire boy named Stefan, who spent the 1920s in a Chicago speakeasy, flirting with the ladies, hanging with a witch and drinking all of the patrons' blood. One day, he met a girl named Rebecca. She was beautiful, quick-witted and mysterious. The vampire boy had found a vampire girl.

They spent their time together, dancing and drinking victims' blood, then making out, then licking their victims' blood off of each others' lips. And then she introduced him to her brother.

Nik (as Klaus was going by in those days—his full name is Niklaus, remember?) grew to like Stefan's nauseating cruelty (can we discuss how he forced some dude to drink his wife's blood in a wine glass?) and Stefan's obvious enchantment with him. And so they became friends, countrymen, brothers.

Until one fateful day, when the Chicago PD raided the speakeasy with—get this—WOODEN BULLETS! They knew. Klaus and Rebecca had been found. And now I'm dying to know who Klaus could possibly have been running from. (Elijah? Other family members? The original witch? WHO?!) It's like Katherine all over again, but almost better! (Note how I've stressed "almost." Klaus's story may be intrinsically linked with a whole bunch of other incredibly interesting vampire siblings, but Kat's story still has that special place in my heart. Which wants more information, now!)

So it was time for Rebecca and Klaus to book it, but before they did so, Klaus compelled Stefan to forget everything about him and Rebecca until he said otherwise. And now we know the scintillating truth! Rebecca was forced to choose between Klaus and Stefan and when she chose the latter, Klaus killed her with that snazzy original-killer dagger. Heavy stuff. And here is some more heavy stuff:

1. Caroline's dad is sick. He's stuck her in a torture chamber designed to house vampires—you know, vervain ventilation, heavy chains, a nice little skylight for maximum sun exposure. He's trying to condition her to control her vampiric nature, but sorry Bill, you're no Pavlov. Luckily, Liz and Tyler break her out, but the damage is done. Caroline's convinced that the one person who got her can't accept her for who she is anymore.

2. Klaus and Stefan return to Chicago so Klaus can visit his favorite witch Gloria. She tells him that with a curse that old, the only way they can figure out what's wrong is by contacting the original witch—the one who cast the spell to begin with. And to do this, she needs Rebecca. Hmmm.

3. Elena and Damon head to Chi-town to bring Stefan back. It almost works—that is, until Stefan brutally tells Elena that he never wants to see her again. He even tells her that Klaus is two seconds away from figuring out that she's still alive! And still, homegirl is off her rocker. GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE, ELENA! So, yeah, I take that back. Definitely didn't almost work. Elena's crushed, and I can't wait to see how the producers will somehow, some-when, get those two crazy kids back together.

4. Katherine! My prayers have been answered. Katherine's back, calling Damon from a...Chicago pay phone?! That's right! Damon tells her that no one's missed her, but honestly, man, do I not count? Anyway, I'm so excited I could burst! In a flashback, we see Katherine lurking in the shadows, spying on Stefan post-Klaus' compulsion. Picking up Rebecca's necklace. The same one he gave to Elena? That she wears all the time? The one thing Gloria needs to contact the original witch to see why Klaus can't create hybrids? The thing that Rebecca is freaking out about not having? Oh, oh, oh.

5. Rebecca is back, too! Stefan now remembers everything! What is going to happen? What is going to happen, indeed.

What did you think about this awesome, flashback-filled episode? Are you heart-broken for Elena? How incredible was it to learn all about Klaus and Rebecca and Stefan? What's going to happen now that she's back and kicking it? And when do we get to meet more originals? Hypothesize, people! I need answers, you need answers, we are all dying to know. So let us know! On Twitter! Or in the comments! Below! God, I love this show.