Style Superstar: No Shades Of Gray For Michelle Monaghan

The latest and greatest Hollywood movies might all be in color, but style-savvy stars still know that nothing plays on the red carpet like clean, classic black and white. So it's no surprise that this week's Style Superstars stepped out in a pair of high-contrast ensembles—updated for the 21st century with surprising accents and more modern makeup. Who nailed our fashion honors when they took their old-style tweed out for a nighttime romp? And whose houndstooth print was black and white and blah all over? Check it!

There was no contest for this week's Style Superstar: It's Michelle Monaghan, donning this Jason Wu dress for the "Machine Gun Preacher" afterparty. Just like the movie she's promoting, Michelle's look puts a gritty twist on a classic subject: Tweed is normally associated with professorial jackets or Jackie O's boxy 1960s suits, but this is how you do it after dark. This outfit is sophisticated and sexy, with several interesting textures at play, and the normally staid daytime character of tweed is traded in for an evening-ready composition with platform cage sandals, a bright tomato-colored clutch and bad-ass leather accents. And while the sleeveless neckline and cinch-waisted silhouette start this dress off as a simple classic, the leather panels and thin black belt take it to edgier territory. Amen, sister.

Meanwhile, HC favorite Mia Wasikowska also donned classic black-and-white for the premiere of her new film, "Restless"... but alas, this look just made us yawn. Her houndstooth Gucci shirtdress is a promising piece, but its intriguing details—the big sash, the bow at the neckline and the cool vintage print—are eclipsed by her loose blond locks and the awkward drape of the fabric. Mia's got a fabulous figure, but this dress just bunches and hangs on her; get thee to a tailor, Mia! And then a shoe store, please: Those dullsville black pumps don't do your sense of style the justice it deserves.

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