'Vampire Diaries' Star Steven R. McQueen Finally Joins Twitter!

Steven R. McQueenGood news "Vampire Diaries" fans! After countless impostors, the real Steven R. McQueen has finally(!) joined Twitter, The CW confirmed.

"I know, I gave into twitter. Thanks for responding to my neglect with all the love. You guys rock!" Steven tweeted from the handle @McQueeninchains, along with a picture of a totally adorbs dog (how much do we love that he's already about the Twit pics?).

While he's only tweeted twice since this morning, he's already gotten more than 10,000 followers and countless RTs (a trending topic will be next, no doubt). For now, Steven's following only 22 people, including many of his "TVD" co-stars, some of whom have already welcomed him into the Twitterverse.

"So I get a call this morning from my good friend Mr. Steven McQueen saying... he's joined twitter!!!! add him now!" Kat Graham (@katgraham) tweeted today. Clearly, fans didn't hesitate to take her advice.

Steven was the last "TVD" cast mate to hold out on the social-networking site. Paul Wesley, who got flack himself for staying off the site, caused a flurry of excitement when he signed up back in March. Since then, he's accrued about 400,000 followers. Not bad for a guy who's only tweeted 101 times to date, right?

As for what Steven should do next, well, we're totally in favor of more Twit pics, but in addition to cute dogs, we're hoping he'll throw in some on-set or behind-the-scenes pictures. After all, we did wait patiently for him to join the site, the least we deserve is a little reward, right?

Are you excited to see Steven on Twitter?