Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde Are The New Faces Of Revlon!

Emma Stone and Olivia Wildeby Sterling Wong

Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde have had very fulfilling summers, and they’re about to get busier! The two burgeoning stars have just been announced as the latest global brand ambassadors for Revlon, Women's Wear Daily reports.

We’re not too surprised that the cosmetics giant chose these two ladies to represent their brand. Emma, with her youthful and spunky charm, exemplifies fresh-faced, dewy-eyed beauty while Olivia exudes old Hollywood mystique and glamor with her striking blue eyes.

Also, between the two of them, the beauties have appeared in fives movies this summer ("Cowboys & Aliens" and this week’s "The Help," to name two) and graced over 15 magazine covers this year. Frankly, anyone who can still look dewy-eyed and fresh-faced after such crazy work schedules, is more than worthy of being a beauty ambassador!

Emma and Olivia join a pantheon of fellow Hollywood hotties who endorse Revlon, including Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Jessica Biel and Elle MacPherson. Not too shabby a list to be a part of!

So what’s the job of a global brand ambassador? Besides appearing in Revlon ad campaigns, the duo has also signed on to contribute to the company’s philanthropic projects.

Expect to see Emma and Olivia’s stunning visages everywhere in 2012. Meanwhile, eager fans can check out Revlon’s Facebook and Twitter pages as the company plans to provide sneak peeks at the duo’s looks in the months leading up to their campaign launch!

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Are you psyched to hear Emma and Olivia will represent Revlon?