'Breaking Dawn' Director Bill Condon Talks The James Franco Cameo That Never Was

Of all the "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" gossip to hit the internet lately, everyone's favorite seems to be the one where James Franco tried to join the cast of the vampire blockbuster...and got flat-out turned down by director Bill Condon. So when MTV News got a chance to chat with Bill, Josh Horowitz took the opportunity to ask him about this rumored rejection. BILL! WHY U NO CAST JAMES FRANCO?

Bill, who is a very good sport about this whole thing, is happy to give us the actual scoop on what went down.


"He told a friend of mine, who then sent the message along to me," he said of learning about the Oscar-nominated actor's interest in the film. "And for a moment it was like, okay, what could James Franco play that wouldn't feel like 'Where's Waldo'?"

But alas, said Bill, there was no such role: "I really thought about it for a second, and nothing made sense."

...If only we had a dollar for every time someone said that exact thing about James Franco. But Bill also wanted to point out that despite what you may have heard, the choice not to cast him wasn't personal.

"I think he thinks this somehow involves some big rejection of the idea," he said. "It wasn’t that. If it had made sense, and frankly if I had called and said ‘Do you want to play that vampire from that country,’ it would have involved hanging around for two months in a scene with 80 people. And I don’t know if he really would have wanted to do it."

Eh, perhaps not. Although on the other hand, James might have liked all that vampire company after spending "127 Hours" all alone, trapped under a rock.

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