'Vampire Diaries' Season 3 Preview: Nina Dobrev Talks Damon, Stefan's Changing Roles

Confession time: We're a little nervous about season three of "Vampire Diaries." We've never been big on change, and with Stefan (Paul Wesley) going to the dark side and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) embracing his inner anti-hero, it's pretty clear that Mystic Falls is about to get a heavy dose of it.

So when we caught up with Nina Dobrev during San Diego Comic-Con, we asked her to weigh in on how she feels about her main men (on screen at least!) switching roles. Luckily, she's handling it a lot better than we are.

"Paul is very happy that Stefan is now going to the bad side," Nina said. "He's really excited about it, and I think it's going to be great for him. He's a very strong actor, so it's awesome."

But with Paul tapping into Stefan's nefarious side, will Damon become Mystic Fall's resident good guy? When we spoke to Ian that same day he made it clear that Damon wouldn't be losing his edge, and Nina seemed to second that.

"He's as heroic as Damon can be," she said. "Damon will always have a rough, kind of tough side to him, so take that as you will. He has redeeming qualities but he's still damaged goods in many ways, as we all are. We've all got baggage." Judging from her answer, we've got a feeling that even with the "good guy" weight on his shoulders, Damon's going to manage to sneak in a good load of trouble.

Nina also explained that mixing things up is exciting, especially for a show like "TVD."

"These characters grow and they have arcs and they change and they go through so much, and that's one of the really cool things about television," she explained.

Her perspective reminded us that change is what "TVD" does best, and now, rather than worrying about how the next season is going to play out, we're just going to buckle up and prepare for all the twists and turns ahead.

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