'Friends With Benefits': Spot The 'Easy A' References!

I'm a sucker for clever winks, nods and nudges in movies (or what nerds like to call "Easter eggs"). I'm thinking of things like a cameo by the author of the book the movie's based on, or a reference to another movie produced by the same company. So I was pretty intrigued when my colleague Kara Warner told me there are a number of "Easy A" references in this weekend's "Friends With Benefits." (Both were directed by Will Gluck.)

I was so curious, in fact, that when I spoke with Will at the film's NYC premiere, I begged him for just a few hints. "I always like to put stuff in the movies from my other stuff," Will said. "What can I hint at... Keep an eye out for oranges," he added, rather mysteriously.

When I pressed him for more intel, he told me there are at least five or six "Easy A" references to be found in "Friends With Benefits."

"It happens quick in the movie, by the way," he continued. "The first one is very quickly."

With that knowledge in mind, I went and saw the movie a couple of days later, and wouldn't you know it, I didn't spot a single one! (I'm pretty sure re-employing "Easy A" actors Emma Stone and Patricia Clarkson doesn't really count...)

Now, I couldn't face you loyal Hollywood Crush readers empty handed, so Kara kindly clued me into one blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference:

When Mila Kunis is waiting for Justin Timberlake in the airport, look at the signs held by the other waiting drivers. You may spot one that reads "O. Penderghast," a reference to Emma's character Olive Penderghast in "Easy A."

Now, go forth, and do better than I did (and report back, please)!

Do you enjoy spotting Easter eggs in movies?