'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Blind Dates'

Forget Ian. Forget A. The most mysterious figure on "Pretty Little Liars" is Aria's frequently missing little brother Mike. What plot purpose does he serve besides luring Aria to shirtless pick-up games where a bare-chested Jason DiLaurentis can lament her formerly pink hair? (And really, ABC Family? A basketball montage? Stick with what you know.)

Of course, MIA Mike wasn't the only person, place or thing in Rosewood doing a disappearing act. When Spencer returned to the pawn shop to reclaim her sister's ring she stole to fund Toby's new/old truck, all the broker had to give her was a rusty horseshoe, which really isn't a fetching accessory unless you're a Clydesdale. But good ol' A knew where it was, texting, "Just my luck, diamonds are a girl's best friend."

Spencer returned home empty-handed to find Melissa rifling through papers looking for Ian's passport so she could make an "insurance claim" for the missing ring. Now, I've never made an insurance claim, but it sounded fishy even to me that she needed Ian's passport (and not perhaps his drivers license, their marriage license or the ring receipt). Spencer must have found it suspicious, as well, because she tracked down Wren during his shift at the hospital to interrogate him about his involvement with Melissa and Ian. (Oh, how I've missed that accent of his...) Wren copped to supplying Melissa with drugs, but said he had no idea where Ian was, expect that he was somewhere outside of Rosewood. (So he wasn't the shady figure haunting Jason's house the last few weeks?)

Hanna, meanwhile, continued to play Cupid for Lucas whose stomach was in knots thanks to his impending date with Danielle. Cue Caleb (it's about time!), who convinced Hanna to make it a double date to allay Caleb's anxiety. (Do I smell a reconciliation?) On the date, however, Danielle was uncomfortable with Hanna's presence, at one point uttering, "This blows." Now, unless your date spills ravioli on your white summer dress and calls you by his ex-girlfriend's name, I can't imagine why you'd say something like that to a would-be suitor. Ever. How rude! She clarified that she felt Hanna still only had eyes for Lucas, but Hanna quickly quieted her worries by getting all PDAish with Caleb. (Something she did only out of the kindness of her heart, it should be noted.)

Hanna's seemingly unselfish act sparked a breakthrough for her, and she returned to the therapist's office—following a disastrous solo sesh—to finally let Allison go (metaphorically) during a conversation with an empty chair that weirdly morphed into the dead girl's specter. (How "Ghost"-like. I was waiting for them to spin pottery together...) Too bad the therapist's office was ransacked a few hours later with "Nosy bitches die" graffitied on the wall, leaving Hanna looking a bit suspicious. (For what reason though, I'm not sure.)

[Side note: Lest you think we forgot about Emily, she continued to fret over her fake Danby promise letter and even roped would-be girlfriend Samara into the ruse. That is all.]

But let's get to the good part: IAN IS DEAD! For a second time! We think! Wren made good on his promise to call Spencer before meeting up with Melissa, and the liars followed them into the woods to some abandoned house/shed thing, only to find Ian inside, shot in the head, holding the gun with a letter confessing to killing Allison laying beside him. But that can't be it, right? This is "Pretty Little Liars," after all.

Do you think Ian really killed himself, or do you think he was murdered? Are you hoping Hanna and Caleb get back together? Are you as mystified by Aria's little brother as I am? Leave your thoughts and theories in the comments below and sound off on Twitter!