Justin Bieber's New Perfume Ad Reminds Us Of 5 Other Fragrant Fellas

Ladies, you may not get to smooch Justin Bieber in public (ahem, Selena Gomez), but don't despair. Now, with just one spray of his new perfume, Someday, you can lose yourself in a dream world where it's only you and him. Or, at least that's what the new commercial for his women's fragrance promises.

In the ad, a young girl spritzes herself with Someday and suddenly finds herself transported into the clouds with a leather-clad Justin wooing her and nuzzling her neck. Dreamy, right?

Anyway, JB isn't the first guy to appear in a fragrance commercial. Plenty of other hotties (including his mentor Usher) have blazed that trail before him. Check out five of our favorites after the jump, and tell us where Justin's new advertisement ranks among them!

5. "Star Wars" hunk Hayden Christensen shows off his athletic side for Lacoste Challenge, where he jumps on a car and propels skyward (all without breaking a sweat!) just to grab a bottle of the cologne. Watch on YouTube

4. In his black-and-white ad for Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme, James Franco approaches the camera and says, "You're running with me" (don't need to ask us twice, James), before striking various steamy poses in an obscure hi-rise building. We're not sure whether the spot has any purpose beyond showing us how amazingly good looking James is. But, hey, what else do we really need? Watch on YouTube

3. Leave it to Orlando Bloom to make sitting on a chair look appealing. In his Hugo Boss Orange commercial, which was shot as a "behind-the-scenes" look, Orlando flashes a couple of smiles and tousles his hair, all while subliminally convincing us that this fragrance is totally worth buying. Watch on YouTube

2. Justin's mentor Usher takes a cue from Bond (James Bond) in the ad for his cologne, V.I.P. In the commercial, Usher speeds through picturesque mountains in Paris with a gorgeous woman by his side and suggests they munch on anaconda for dinner (because why not?). Lucky for the both of them, his lady friend decides she's more in the mood for dessert after she spots a bottle of V.I.P. in his bag. See how easy it is to get out of buying dinner guys? Watch on YouTube

1. In yet another black-and-white fragrance commercial (see a trend here?), Josh Hartnett heads to an event (although, not before momentarily appearing shirtless!), where he's accosted by flashing cameras and tons of gorgeous woman. Because apparently, that's what happens when you spray Emporio Armani Diamonds...or when you're Josh Hartnett. Watch on YouTube

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Which ad smells the best to you?