Style Superstar: Rachel McAdams And Lady Gaga Take The Spotlight At Cannes Film Festival

Welcome to the time of year when all we can think about is flying to to the south of France, mingling amongst classy Europeans (you know, the kind that sips soda out of those little glass bottles!) and celeb spotting day and night. It's the Cannes Film Festival. And we want to be there. Instead, however, we're at our desks looking at pictures from all the fabulous events with all the fabulous people in all of the fabulous dresses. SIGH.

There is a silver lining, however—looking at all those pictures helped us find some strong candidates for this week's best and worst dressed. Not that it was easy to choose (for either category). After all, since every awesome celeb ever has flocked to France, we've seen our fair share of good and bad fashion moments. Still, out of the masses, there was one that really shined and one that strayed. Keep reading below to find out which Cannes lady is this week's Style Superstar and which one needs a lesson in European style.

Oh, Rachel McAdams, why are you so cute? The girl looked adorbs at a Cannes photocall on Wednesday for her upcoming movie "Midnight In Paris," wearing a flirty white Maxime Simoens Couture dress with floral embellishments on the sleeves. Admittedly, this dress wasn't as elaborate or dramatic as some of the other gowns we spotted on the various Cannes red carpets, but you know what? It was simple, chic and perhaps most importantly, well put together. In other words, totally worthy of Style Superstar status.

We gotta say, we might prefer Lady Gaga encased in an egg more than we do this biker-inspired outfit. Gaga caused a stir when she dropped into Cannes for a surprise performance wearing black underwear over (yes, over!) sheer black tights and a black bikini top, which she paired with a studded leather jacket emblazoned with the words "Born This Way" on the back (marketing 101, kids). We think Gaga is at her best when she's experimental and wild (just check out the other outfit she donned at the event as an example), but this just felt like something a rebellious teenager would wear to annoy her parents. Come on Gaga, we know you can do better.

What do you think of the two looks above? Are you a fan of Lady Gaga's biker style or do you agree with our take?