'Vampire Diaries' EXCLUSIVE Still: Why Do Stefan And Elena Look Upset?

You guys, after today there are only two more episodes of "The Vampire Diaries" left this season, and we are well...freaking out. We've already watched tonight's preview about 100 times to try to figure out what could happen but, alas, the twists and turns of "TVD" always allude us. Luckily, we've at least got this EXCLUSIVE new behind-the-scenes photo of Stefan and Elena from tonight's "Last Day" to work with.

Much like the still we shared with you a couple weeks ago, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) look all angsty and dramatic, which leaves us wondering WHAT IS GOING ON IN MYSTIC FALLS? No really, can someone please tell us now? Right. We didn't think so.

Anyway, to get us through our own personal angst until the episode airs, we've come up with a list of theories about what the two are discussing in the photo above. Let us know if you think any of them could be a possibility.

1. Stefan and Elena say their goodbyes: Dear "TVD," we're gonna need to have a SERIOUS chat if you make us cry tonight.

2. Elena defies Stefan: Let's be real, Elena can't be tamed, so we wouldn't be surprised if she pulls another stunt that completely catches Stef off-guard tonight.

3. The mic is actually Klaus: Don't look at us like we're crazy, okay? He's got a powerful witch on his side. WHO knows what he's going to possess this time?!

4. It's not Elena, it's Katherine: Unlikely, but the season one Elena-Katherine finale switcheroo has made us skeptical of well...everything.

5. Elena tells Stefan she's leaving him for Damon: Clearly, the most likely scenario of the bunch! Okay, so maybe we're kidding but...Delena fans can dream right?

What do you think will happen in "The Last Day"?