'Water For Elephants' Red Carpet Live Blog!

At long last, our very special edition of Sunday Funday is finally here! Robert Pattinson will be hitting the red carpet for the "Water For Elephants" premiere in New York City, along with costars Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz and a ton of other celebs. We'll be live blogging the arrivals, the outfits and of course, the interviews (with our very own Josh Horowitz) so don't go anywhere!

Stick around to get the most up-to-date scoop on Reese's clothes, Rob's hair and all of "OMG did you see that?" moments from the red carpet (make sure to hit refresh often). But don't just sit there, get involved! Hit the comments section or send your questions for the stars to @mtvnews using #AskWFE. Is there a better way to end your weekend than with some up close and personal Rob time? We didn't think so.

6:06 And that's a wrap! Thanks so much for joining Hollywood Crush for the "Water For Elephants" premiere. We hope you enjoyed seeing all the stars gush about how much they love our dear RPattz. Check back with us for all things "Water For Elephants" and Robert Pattinson before the film opens on Friday. Toodles!

6:01 Let's see that trailer one more time...

6:00 Rob and Reese are both so gracious. And they seem to really like each other! How does Reese compare to Rob's other leading ladies?

5:59 Josh and Rob = BFFs forever.

5:58 "It's nice to actually meet the people who are going to see the movie," Reese says.

5:56 Two for the price of one: Rob and Reese both stop by to chat with Josh.

5:55 Aww a clip with Rob's favorite lady: Tai the elephant!

5:54 LOVE Reese's dress and hair! So glamorous. What do you think? And can you spot her new hubby?


5:52 Josh calls "Water For Elephants" a big, old-fashioned love story. Do you think this will be a good date movie?

5:51 (P.S. Yes, Michael! Let's go Knicks!)

5:50 And former New York Giants star Michael Strahan is a big fan of elephants (as well as Reese and Rob). The more you know...

5:48 Another clip. Rob's looking mighty fine in that tux!


5:46 "They're Rob's fans." Hey, Christoph you're not too bad yourself. I think your Oscar can attest to that. (But I love the modesty. He's definitely a class act.)

5:42 And here's Christoph Waltz!

5:40 Yipee! We get to check out another "Water For Elephants" clip. Do you dig Reese's 30s-era curls?

5:38 "Water For Elephants" author Sara Gruen says she felt like her beloved best-seller was in very good hands. Good to hear, good to hear.

5:36 "And he is extremely attractive." Um, we knew that already!

5:35 Reese compares Rob-mania to when Leonardo DiCaprio was in "Titanic." Not a bad career path to follow...

5:31 So Rob plays the younger version of Hal Holbrook's Jacob. Do you see the resemblance?

5:29 Josh has Hal Holbrook on the red carpet. Bow in the presence of greatness, y'all!

5:27 Reese on Rob: "Dancing is not his forte." That's far from a dealbreaker, right Crushers?

5:26 Are those screams for Reese?

5:25 ROB, ROB, ROB!!! First sighting of the night. He's signing autographs for fans and posing for photos. Love it.

5:24 Christoph Waltz on Rob: "'Isn't it amazing that a little vampire can act?' No, it's not amazing. That's what he does, he's an actor."

5:22 (Josh said it, but yes, talk about range!)

5:21 He's also an accomplished music video director who just finished Beyonce's shoot for her new single "Girl." OMG! We love Sasha Fierce.

5:19 Director Francis Lawrence is in the house. He says Rob gets to really show who he really is in his "Water For Elephants" role.

5:14 Rob believes in love at first sight? SWOON. "There has to be a moment when you feel a different energy around the person," he says.

5:12 Josh is so right. The Ziegfeld Theater is pretty awesome.

5:10 Oh, goodie! A clip from Rob's "MTV First" interview. We don't mind seeing this again...

5:09 Since Rob is costarring with two Oscar winners, how long before he wins his own Academy Award?

5:07 O.K., pretty much everyone associated with this film seems to have fallen in love with Tai the elephant! Maybe she should get her own TV show?

5:05 Screenwriter Richard LaGravenese says Rob is a "really terrific guy." Aww!

5:03 I love the music in the trailer, don't you?

5:00 HERE WE GO!

4:55 FIVE MINUTES!!! Be sure to send your burning questions for the stars to @mtvnews using #AskWFE!

4:53: For those who've read the book, which scene are you most excited to see Rob tackle on the big screen?

4:49 Before things get underway -- who's planning on seeing "Water For Elephants" on opening night?

4:45 Hey guys! Consider yourselves officially welcomed to the Hollywood Crush live blog of the "Water For Elephants" premiere! The LIVE STREAM will begin in 15 minutes so hang tight!