Leighton Meester Opens Up About Fat Days

Guess what, everyone! Sometimes Leighton Meester gets fat. Yep, that's what she admitted in the February issue of Nylon magazine. The "Gossip Girl"/"Country Strong"/"The Roommate" star revealed that if she's being an "a--hole" (her word, not ours) she'd like to be told, but if she's looking heavier than usual (which we doubt ever really happens...have you seen her?), she'd prefer you keep your lips zipped. Why? Because it happens to everyone.

"I like to be judged by my family and friends because they know me. If they think I'm being an a--hole I'd like them to tell me, but if I'm fat or something I'm like, 'Well, so? OK? Great!'" she explained in the fashion magazine. "It doesn't even matter; it's like, 'What if I am fat? Does it matter?' I'm a grown woman and sometimes, I might be a little fat, you know! Am I alone there? Not really!"

Leighton not only dished on her fat days, she also talked about how well she relates to several of her alter egos, like privileged Upper East Sider Blair Waldorf. "Blair is.... I don't know what she is... I have to enter a completely foreign body to sympathize with Blair and her decisions," she said. "You know, Blair grew up very savvy, well-educated, and lonely. I think her mother is not the most supportive person and... Blair is very competitive and conniving, and it obviously comes, usually, from a very human place, but she makes decisions that I would never make."

Okay, so what about "Country Strong" character, Chiles Stanton? "She is so scared of people thinking of her as this ignorant, vapid, pretty face, and you know, I can totally understand where she's coming from because, especially if you come from Dallas, Texas, you're a beauty queen—you don't play the guitar, you're writing seemingly meaningless pop songs. All that I can relate to, totally," she explained. "It's sad and sweet at the same time."

Photo by Marvin Scott Jarrett, Styled by Michelle Reneau

We bet, though, that she has the hardest time relating to her creep show character, Rebecca, in "The Roommate." Co-star, Minka Kelly, weighs in here. "She worked with psychologists; she really studied the illness of the character, so much that at times on set I was a little concerned whether or not she was there because she scared me so much! The look in her eye was so surreal, I was in awe at how much she committed to it."

Do you agree with Leighton's attitude about weight gain? Will you be seeing her upcoming flick "The Roommate"?