'Life Unexpected' Recap: 'Stand Taken'

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more intense, "Life Unexpected" put Lux on the stand to testify against her foster dad whom Tasha whacked on the head with a shovel two weeks ago.

Leading up to this courtroom drama, Lux twisted and undermined her story, alternating between trying to hide the truth and not publicly exposing the abuse she had been through while also using her history to try and save Tasha from jail. Lux sought out her former foster dad, Trey, and tried to make a deal with him: She wouldn’t tell the truth about him if he wouldn’t testify. The badass 15-year-old then went home to cuddle with her teacher boyfriend. Tasha, the sole voice of reason, confronts Lux in front of Eric, finally cluing Mr. Daniels into some of the week’s recent activities.

At the trial, Lux finally tells the truth after Eric confesses that he loves her and that nothing she says will change that. She delivers a tearful recollection of her years with Trey and Valerie; how Trey sexually abused her and Valerie refused to believe her. Nate and his dad lose their cool and dramatically lunge across the courtroom to attack Trey. Cate implores Valerie to remember what it felt like to be Lux's mom and come forward with what she knows. When Valerie corroborates Lux's story, the D.A. presses charges against Trey and Tasha gets two months in juvie. (Poor Tash)

Eric maintains that nothing will change with Lux, but now I feel like if this continues, he must be mentally ill. What grown man would continue a relationship with a teenage girl that was sexually abused by another grown man? Does no one see the psychological issues and ramifications here?! Pairing a girl that is completely wrecked both mentally and emotionally with an adult man claiming to be in love with her is all sorts of twisted and wrong. Aria and Ezra this is not.

Finally, Baze tries to infuse some much-needed humor and lightheartedness into the end of the show by proposing a toast. He makes inappropriate jokes about Tasha in an orange jumpsuit, how if Lux hadn’t shown up he’d still be on his couch smoking a bong rather than dating his boss at a "real" job and that even if they are unconventional (a.k.a. mostly caught up in the business of their own lives rather than the business of being parents), they love Lux.

It doesn’t end there, though. It turns out there are more ways than one to be a big happy family, and Emma is adding her own recipe to the formula. The sweet, petite blond has been with a Basil man before—Nate’s dad. Emma confronts him about their affair in the bar, just in time for Lux to overhear. Oh, and Cate and Ryan’s baby is real. Hooray!

What did you think of last night's dramatic "Life Unexpected"? Do you think Eric should give Lux some space in light of her abuse? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter.