The 5 Sexiest Older Men Of 'Harry Potter': The Crush Compilation

Maybe we should have renamed yesterday's Top 10 "Harry Potter" Hotties list as the Top 10 Young Hotties seeing as many, many of you noticed that there weren't too many men over the age of 25 featured. But not to fear because we're remedying that right now with a special homage to a few magical older men. Age is just a number...right?

I mean, what would our lives be like without the actors who gave us the seductive snarl of Severus Snape? The pretentious passion of Lucius Malfoy? The grungy glamor of Sirius Black? Yes, Hollywood Crush readers, you demanded it so here it is: The Five Sexiest Older Men of "Harry Potter"!

Gary Oldman

Confession time: Sirius Black has always been my biggest "Harry Potter" crush. In fact, I refused to accept he was dead at the end of "Order of the Phoenix" and was less upset about Dumbledore dying at the end of "Half-Blood Prince" than I was when I realized J.K. Rowling wasn't going to bring Sirius back. So I was pretty lucky that a stud-muffin like Gary Oldman was selected for the role. But, really, it wouldn't have mattered which actor was picked for the part because the bottom line is that Sirius Black is a sex god.

Kenneth Branagh

On the other hand, no one but Kenneth Branagh could possibly have made Gilderoy Lockheart sexier than he was sleazy. It's because of Kenneth that I wish those storefront editions of Gilderoy's novels at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter were actually on sale, and that the full-size painting from his office that was on display at "Harry Potter: The Exhibition" could be hanging on my wall right now. Seriously, where would we be without this man?

Ralph Fiennes

Alright, so maybe Ralph Fiennes isn't at his sexiest in full Voldemort get-up, with the snake eyes, bald head and lack of a nose. But in person, Ralph is one pretty man—we could argue all day over who is hotter: him or his brother Joseph—and definitely worth drooling over. The fact that he could make Voldemort so darn evil just adds to the sexiness factor for us, and we will almost be sad to see him go at the end of "Deathly Hallows: Part 2." But not really.

Alan Rickman

Who would have thought when "Sorcerer's Stone" was released that we would one day be arguing over whether or not Severus Snape was the hottest character in the "Harry Potter" films? This is due only to the fact that Alan Rickman was born to play this role and does it with the perfect combination of contempt and confidence that makes us melt whenever he comes on screen. We have a feeling if Snape knew the kind of sexual devotion he had from so many fans, he might be a little perturbed, but we're going to keep on loving him anyway.

Fabulous MTV staff writer Kara Warner has a certain soft-spot for the Malfoy men and wanted to write her own appreciation for Jason Isaacs.

Jason Isaacs

Okay to be fair, I'm not exactly hot for Draco or Lucious (what can I say, I'm just not that into bleached blonds), but man oh man, I absolutely adore Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs! For those not familiar with the work/deliciousness of Malfoy Sr., get thee to Netflix and order up "The State Within," or if all else fails, re-watch "The Patriot." But I digress... his Lucious Malfoy is so perfectly vile, he's almost attractive. My favorite moment in the series is when Harry tricks him into freeing Dobby. Oh, the look on his face! That calmly controlled rage is to. die. for.

Honorable mentions go out to (but are not limited to) David Thewlis as Remus Lupin, Mark Williams as Arthur Weasley, Adrian Rawlins as James Potter and John Cleese as Nearly-Headless Nick. (Kara would like to add a "fantasy honorable mention" to Firenze the Centaur who, sadly, was never given the hottie treatment that he was in the books.)

Who is your favorite sexy older man of "Potter"?