AJ Michalka Announces Her Role In 'Super 8' On Twitter

AJ MichalkaWhile Aly Michalka is seemingly taking over the film industry (or at the very least, the teen genre), sister AJ has just landed herself in one of the hottest properties in Hollywood: the J.J. Abrams/Steven Spielberg collaboration, "Super 8." No, we don't have any idea of who she'll be playing, and no, we really don't know what the movie is going to be about, but this definitely could be the film to catapult AJ Michalka into the Hollywood big leagues.

AJ announced on her Twitter account last night that she landed the role, writing, "Amazing news! I was just cast in J.J. Abrams' and Steven Spielberg's highly anticipated film Super 8 :)...It Arrives, Summer 2011 Xo AJ." We have to admit, we're a bit surprised the forces behind the scarily secretive project let her share that much. "The Lovely Bones" star will be joining Kyle Chandler and Elle Fanning, along with Ron Eldard and relative unknowns Noah Emmerich, Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills and Gabriel Basso.

The thriller just started shooting, and it was already announced that the teaser released earlier this year does not include any footage that will be in the film. We assume AJ won't be playing any of the three previously announced young children who will seemingly be the stars of the film.

To recap, the movie is supposed to be about three teenage siblings who accidentally capture footage of aliens on their Super 8 camcorders. Elle Fanning is thought to have been cast as the female sibling, Natalie, so maybe AJ will be a baby sitter or something like that? Or we could continue with our half-serious hypothesis for Kyle Chandler's character and say that maybe AJ will be playing one of the invading aliens. But we sort of doubt it.

Are you glad that AJ landed such a big role? Are you surprised that the Michalka sisters are getting so many jobs in Hollywood?