Lucy Hale And Shenae Grimes Join 'Scream 4'?

Goodness gracious, "Scream 4" is the gift that keeps on giving. Filming is currently underway on the updated installment of the "Scream" franchise, and the cast list just keeps getting longer and longer.

Earlier this week we found out that Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell would be making cameo appearances in the film, and we thought it was most likely, as the big-name actresses, they'd be killed off in the film's opening minutes. But with the news that "Pretty Little Liars" star Lucy Hale and "90210" star Shenae Grimes would also be making appearances, we might have to reevaluate our conclusion.

As our favorite young Hollywood stars are wont to do in this age of modern technology, Lucy and Shenae broke the news about their cameos on Twitter.

Shenae originally tweeted, "on set waiting to bang out my cameo in scream 4! All hush hush but stay tuned! X" along with a pic from the set, to which Lucy responded, "@shenaeSG hey girl heyyy."

Lucy's appearance was seemingly confirmed by Shenae when she tweeted, "@lucyyhale what's your favorite scary movie?? LOL glad to be here with ya! X"

This makes us rethink the idea that Anna and Kristen will be the first to be killed off, and question whether or not Lucy and Shenae will be the first to go! If that's the case, then maybe Movies Blog editor Adam Rosenberg was right when he suggested that instead of being the victims, Anna and Kristen will be the film's killers. Or maybe Lucy and Shenae will be the sneaky murderers! After all, they are leading lady Emma Roberts' age. I guess we won't really know until the film comes out next year... Or if someone tweets the details before then.

Would you rather see Lucy and Shenae as the film's victims or killers?