Kevin Jonas Admits His Passion For Music Originated With A Certain Punk Rock Band

It turns out that Kevin Jonas is a secret punk rocker! In a bonus clip from this past weekend's "When I Was 17" episode, which also featured Bret Michaels and Katherine McPhee, the Jonas Brother, now 22, admitted it was at an MXPX concert that realized he wanted to be a musician.

"So when I was 17, I went to pretty much like my first show, on my own which, was a MXPX show ... the ticket was $15. That was fantastic. I was like, 'I can afford that,'" he recalled. "MXPX is a pop punk band. I got their tape from my uncle a long time ago."

Kevin admittedly played that album out, and despite the sonic differences between MXPX and the JoBros music, he said they had a huge influence on him. "That album really stayed with me," he explained. "Even though our sound is not necessarily there, it definitely had some influences on who I am as a guitarist."

Not only did Kevin learn how to play guitar through the band's music, he also learned how to be a performer. So, basically, we have MXPX to thank for the Jonas Brothers! "I will remember [that concert] forever because it was the first time I saw a band interact with an audience in way that I wanted to bring to the way we interact with our fans today," he recalled. "To see a band that could play and sing and really entertain the crowd and the crowd was just so into everything, it really blew my mind."

Did you miss Kevin's appearance on "When I Was 17"? You can catch it the full episode the show's main page!