Thanks To Miley Cyrus, 'Last Song' Star Greg Kinnear Is Now A 'Rock Star' In His Daughter's Eyes

"Green Zone" and "The Last Song" aren't two films you'd initially think have anything in common on first examination. But Greg Kinnear, who stars in the films which are both released this month, begged to differ.

"'The Last Song' and 'Green Zone,' very similar," he joked when he spoke to MTV News about "Green Zone." "Most audiences won't see much of a difference. Matt stars with 'M.' Miley starts with 'M.' Don't get me started. We'll be here all day."

All kidding aside, each role gave Greg a completely different character to play. In "Green Zone" he gets to amp up the action, while in "The Last Song" he plays the estranged father of Miley Cyrus. Greg, who is the father of three young daughters, says he is now a "rock star" in — most — of their eyes.

"[One of them] didn't know who [Miley] was when she first met her. So, that was awkward," he explained. "We're all good now."

While that might have been a hit for Miley's ego, Greg said his ego got its own bruising while on the set.

"I'm still wrestling with the fact that [Miley was] 16 years old [when 'Song' was shot last summer], and that constitutes her young enough to play my daughter. These are things I'm struggling with," he said.

Well, Greg, we guess that's why you shot "Green Zone" with Matt Damon, because that certainly proved to us you weren't some old dude!