Michelle Williams Got To Have A 'Racy' Sex Scene With Ryan Gosling In 'Valentine' -- Who's Jealous?

For most of the women in America, getting a chance to do a steamy sex scene with Ryan Gosling would be a dream come true. When you had the opportunity to screen your film before hundreds of your peers, you'd relish the opportunity to rub in their face that you got naked with the male half of the best Valentine's Day movie ever: "The Notebook." But Michelle Williams, who got to live the dream in the Sundance film "Blue Valentine," did the exact opposite. In fact, she didn't even sit in on the Sundance screening.

"When the movie screened the other day, me and the kid [4-year-old daughter Matilda], neither of us were old enough to watch that movie," she said with a smile. "So we colored in Tinker Bell pictures for two hours and played pirate games."

Even filming the scene wasn't as exciting for Michelle as most women would hope. "I don't wake up and jump out of bed on that day," she laughed. "Although many women would." (Many women: i.e. the female contributors of Hollywood Crush.)

Ryan at least went to the screening, but had the worst possible plus one for a movie described as "(500) Days of Summer" without the indie quirks and comedy (read: depressing): his mother.

"I watched it with my mother, she was beside me," Ryan told MTV. "I gave her an iPod. And when the naughty scenes came on, I pressed 'play' and covered her eyes."

Apparently watching such racy scenes in a public screening isn't as fun as it looks, even if it's a movie the actor is really proud of. "It's a lot of pressure to watch it with all those people," he said. "Also, it's a racy movie, so it's hard to watch those scenes with so many people." We can only imagine how he felt sitting through the "The Notebook" premiere.