'Glee Recap': Episode 13, 'Sectionals'

Is it spring yet, Gleeks?! Besides some looming cliffhangers in last night’s fall finale, that was the one question racking my brain. How in the world will we wait that long to find out the next chapter of our favorite McKinley High School students and staff? Well, until that glorious day, let’s talk about “Sectionals,” shall we?

A lot of major issues finally came to a head tonight, including the Puck-Quinn-Finn-Rachel love quadrilateral. When Rachel finally picks up (she’s psychic, in case you didn’t know) on the chemistry between Quinn and Puck, the gang knows it’s not long before she blabs the baby daddy truth to Finn. The timing couldn’t be worse for Finn who finally feels optimistic that winning sectionals could make his currently troubled life a little bit better. The news clearly levels Finn, as he, in turn, sucker punches Puck (don’t you agree he sort of deserved it?) whereas Quinn opts to not hit tattle tale Rachel (who pleaded Quinn punch her anywhere but the nose) and, instead, face the music.

Speaking of music, New Directions had to get ready for sectionals, despite all the drama. When Mercedes gives Jennifer Hudson a run for her money with her goose bump-inducing rendition of “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” from “Dreamgirls” they know they might just have this thing in the bag. But, how will they do without a suspended Mr. Schuster or Finn (who couldn’t bear to face his current foes) for that matter?

Luckily, Emma steps up to the plate to cover for Mr. Schue. In fact, she even goes so far as to push back the time of her own wedding to Ken that very afternoon (more on that later!). The group’s gleeful demeanor is cut short when the rival clubs perform their showstoppers, including “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Proud Mary” (as you’ll recall, the increasingly nasty Sue Sylvester leaked her own school's set lists.) But, even without Mr. Schue there, he still helps the crumbling group come back together after a non-pep talk pep talk to a flailing Finn (I got a little choked up when he sweetly, reassuringly told him, “Sometimes being special sucks”) sends him on his way to rejoin New Directions, bringing with him a song selection.

With their spirits soaring again, Rachel leads them off with Barbara Streisand’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” and within no time, the crowd was on their feet (and perhaps some of you at home?). Things got even better when McKinley’s best crooners (with an emotional Mr. Schue listening over Emma’s cell phone) turned it up another notch with their take on The Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” I know it’s awfully hard to top the series premiere’s infectious “Don’t Stop Believin’” but this came pretty close, wouldn’t you say?

But, the winner of sectionals was still in the hands of three very off-kilter judges, including a ditzy pageant contestant runner-up (yep, that was Anna Camp from “True Blood!”). After seeing their talent shine (and after a stern talking-to from Emma), Jane Adams’ Academy director Grace Hitchens (returning guest star Eve) says she’ll ‘fess up about the stolen set lists, but it’s all too late as the judges have made their decision about the winner being…..

Hold on! What about Emma and her wedding? We soon find her (in that oh-so-cute wedding dress) dumped by Ken! When she admits that going to sectionals wasn’t in fact for the kids, but for her true love Will, Ken opts to pull the plug completely on the wedding. Emma tells Will in the empty banquet hall that she has also resigned from McKinley because she couldn’t look at Ken without feeling ashamed and couldn’t look at Will without feeling heartbroken. A stunned Will tells her he has left his wife, but you can see she knows the timing just isn’t right. I don’t know what broke your heart more Gleeks, when a torn Will tells Emma she makes a beautiful bride or when she meekly responds, “Thank you.”

It’s not all grey skies for Will when Sue FINALLY gets punished for her bad behavior as Principal Figgins kicks her off the Cheerios and suspends her from the school and gives Will his position as Glee club director back. Sue vows revenge on Will, assuring he’s hopped aboard the “Sue Sylvester express. Destination: horror!” Sue may be a meanie, but she is still the Queen of One-Liners. Of course, none of that would even matter when Mr. Schuester finds out his Glee club kids WON SECTIONALS! They present him with their trophy and treat him to an apropos song; Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You.” Maybe it was New Directions’ victory or the lyric “Cause we belong together now”, but either way Mr. Schue finally went with his heart and chased after Emma. The two share a sweet, longing kiss in the hall. Oh, “Glee”, our lives will suck without you.

What did you think of the finale Gleeks? Were you shocked when Quinn told Puck she’d raise the baby without him? Will Sue be coach of the Cheerios again? Will Rachel and Finn ever get together? What will you be doing between now and the spring premiere?