'Glee' Recap: Episode 11, 'Hairography'

I don’t think we’re ready for this jelly, Gleeks! Apparently, neither was Mr. Schuester who invited rival glee clubs (starting with the Eve-lead Jane Adams Academy) to show them their stuff (and, in part, to offset a snooping Sue Sylvester, but more on that later). The Jane Adams girls introduced New Directions to the world of “hairography” with a bumpin’ and shakin’ rendition of Beyonce’s "Bootylicious." So, while Mr. Schuester gets wrapped up in “hairography,” Rachel explains that that particular kind of choreography is nothing more than “smoke and mirrors.”

But, unruly hair wasn’t the only unexpected change of pace that took over Rachel’s life in last night’s episode. When Quinn realizes she might want Puck to take over daddy duties for their child, she knows she must get Finn out of the picture, or at least, distract him. She sees the spark between Rachel and Finn and recruits Kurt to make over Rachel. So, while Kurt gripes that Rachel “dresses like a grandmother and a toddler at the same time,” he signs up for the task, but not without his own hidden agenda.

The lovelorn Kurt was told by his new confidante Finn that he doesn’t like girls in tight clothes and too much makeup. So Kurt, quite literally, turns Rachel into just that — a version of Sandy Olsson. And the results are, well, not the ones that Rachel was hoping for. In fact, Finn tells her that she looks like “a sad clown hooker” in her “Grease” getup and that he liked her as she was before. When a seething Rachel confronts Kurt, she quickly realizes the both of them are vying for the unattainable Finn, who is, as we all know, in love with Quinn.

The former cheerleader, however,has far more drama going on in her life than to worry about her fellow glee members crushing on her man. Now that she sees potential in Puck, she decides to keep her baby, which sets off a panic in Terri Schuester and Terri’s bonehead sister Kendra. The two, who are desperate to make sure Terri gets the baby she wants, convince Quinn to babysit Kendra’s troublemaking triplets. Quinn is more than up to the task and invites Puck to help her look after the rug rats. When they tame the wild beasts with their acoustic take on Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” (OK, so maybe it’s not the most appropriate tune to sing to young boys, but it sure did sound good!), they seem like they might just make great parents. That sweet music didn’t last too long when Quinn finds out that Puck spent half the night “sexting” with Santana, a hot Cheerio with attitude. Quinn later asks Finn if they can be in love again and the two, despite Rachel and Kurt’s breaking hearts, walk off into the sunset hallway together.

That’s all very good news for the scheming Terri who gets Quinn to change her mind back about eventually handing over her child. A still unknowing Will gets thrown off by his wife’s nice behavior (because, let’s face it, it’s a pretty rare thing) when she buys him a replica of his old, classic car from high school. Because Will is always looking to put others’ best interest before him, he trades in his dream ride for a minivan for "his" newborn.

After the Jane Adams hair incident, Mr. Schue invites another glee club (members from a school for the deaf) to check out the new, but not-so-improved New Directions. While the McKinley High students certainly gave it their all for a mash-up of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” with the title song from the Broadway show “Hair,” it just wasn’t them. When the school for the deaf takes the stage with their rendition of John Lennon’s always beautiful "Imagine," everyone realizes it’s always about the music. When both of the glee clubs came together for this number, I think I found my favorite musical moment from this show. It honored the classic song in such a respectful way, and it did what “Glee” manages to make me do at least once a week: cry like a baby.

That warm and fuzzy feeling doesn’t last too long (despite a lovely enough, subdued take on Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors”) when we find out all of Will’s suspicions about Sue spying on his glee club to help out rival schools, was, in fact, true. While the other schools seemed hesitant about lying and cheating, the always-cunning Sue reminded them they should stop at nothing to win. But will they take the bait? Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

What did you think of this episode, Gleeks? Do you think Will is going to ever figure out Terri’s lie? Will Quinn actually stick it out with Finn? Has Sue completely sabotaged the glee club? And why in the heck don’t we have more Emma lately?!