'New Moon' Mall Tour: On The Scene With Daniel Cudmore & Charlie Bewley At Cherry Hill

Charlie Bewley would totally date you, "Twilight" fans. He said so himself at the Cherry Hill, New Jersey stop on the "New Moon" mall tour yesterday. There's a catch, though. He won't marry you. "I don't believe in marriage. I believe in polygamy," he jokingly said while turning down a fan's proposal. Though he clarified later that he was just kidding about the polygamy part (his actual stance on marriage remains unclear), from the deafening screams of the crowd, they might not have cared either way.

Hundreds of Twihards turned out to meet Charlie and costar Daniel Cudmore, who play Volturi guard members Demetri and Felix in the latest Twilight Saga installment, during the Nordstrom- and Hot Topic-sponsored promo tour. The lucky ones who camped out last weekend, some for more than 12 hours, made a purchase to get either a photo or an autograph from the Volturi vampires. Just 75 Nordstrom shoppers got their photos professionally taken with the boys, while 500 Hot Topic customers got their "New Moon" posters signed.

Erin Bradley, Courtney Allmond, and Clariece Swan (pictured below), all 16, drove two hours from Hershey, Pennsylvania and skipped school (shhh, we won't tell) to be the first in line for a photo. "We're as hardcore as you can get," said Courtney. It's true — the girls waited 23 hours to meet Peter Facinelli (a.k.a. Carlisle Cullen) a couple of weeks ago. Clariece said her parents don't always approve of her "Twilight" love. "My parents think I'm insane and they don't really like it. But they've gotten used to it by now." For the record, they're on Team Edward. As Erin put it, "Do you have to ask?"

Corinne Yamada of Bensalem, PA said she's "Team Switzerland" because she loves both Edward and Jacob, while Caitlyn Curtin of Marlton, NJ said she's "Team Edward but also Team Taylor," because she likes Edward the character but Taylor Lautner the person. "In the books Edward was more of a gentleman, but in real life Taylor's hotter," she said. "And he's got a six-pack."

Both Nordstrom and Hot Topic were Twilghted out, with racks of Twilight-branded clothing, a staff of makeup artists giving Twilight Beauty makeovers, and life-size cutouts of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner (hey, they weren't there in person so this was the second-best thing).

After the photo and autograph sessions, Hurricane Bells performed their soundtrack contribution, "Monsters," and Charlie and Daniel greeted the crowd for a Q and A. It was pretty difficult to hear what they said, since every time they brought their mics to their mouths the crowd emitted that patented "Twilight"-brand high-pitched scream we all know (and loathe), but they shared more than just the usual "Being a part of 'Twilight' is great" sound bites. For example, Daniel said his favorite food is sushi. See? Something we didn't know before.

Something else you probably didn't know? That if Daniel could have any super power, he said he'd choose invisibility. "I would love to be invisible. I would just mess with people all day long." Charlie said he'd choose flight. "Flying is a natural progression of running. I do a lot of running and sometimes I wish I had a pair of wings."

On a more serious note, Charlie said all the attention he's gotten for becoming a part of the Twilight universe is "very humbling. That kind of deafening level [of screaming] is unprecedented." Daniel added, "How could you complain with all this emotion?" Too much of that attention could become a little less exciting, though -- photographers follow every Rob, Taylor, and Kristen Stewart seemingly every second of the day. Charlie said he's already a target of the paparazzi, but Daniel said he's been able to keep a low profile so far. "For some weird reason, I'm 6' 7'' and I can hide. No one follows me down the street." Well, not yet, anyway.

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Did you go to the Cherry Hill Mall yesterday? Are you planning to attend any of the other "New Moon" tour stops? Are you excited to learn more about Charlie and Daniel?