Leighton Meester Explains Her 'Unhealthy Fixation' With Minka Kelly In 'The Roommate'

A "Gossip Girl," a vampire and a cheerleader walk into a college dormitory... no, this isn't the set-up for a gut-busting joke (though I do have plenty of those if you want to meet up later). Nope, it's the synopsis for the upcoming uber-creepy thriller "The Roommate." Starring Leighton Meester, "Twilight" actor Cam Gigandet, pop star Aly Michalka and "Friday Night Lights" star Minka Kelly, the 2010 flick is a modern take on the 1992 Bridget Fonda/ Jennifer Jason Leigh hit "Single White Female." When we caught up with Leighton and Minka, who seriously look like they could be twins, on set recently, they were more than happy to spill all the gory details.

"The movie is about Sarah — Minka Kelly's character — who comes into college; it's her first day, and she comes to the dorms and she meets me, her roommate Rebecca," explained Leighton. "We develop a friendship, and then it goes south and Rebecca starts to develop an unhealthy fixation on Sarah, and tries to merge with her and become very, very involved in her life."

And as you're probably already guessing, things get very messy from there. "There's a very intense fight scene between myself and Leighton," Minka explained. "We will be on wires — we do have a stunt coordinator, it's pretty serious and bloody. We'll be throwing each other around for sure." From the sounds of it, Minka conducted her own Internet research to prepare for the butt-kicking role. "When girls fight, girls fight to kill," she grinned. "They may slap and pull hair, but they also throw punches and they're wild — all you have to do is Google 'girl fights' on YouTube; it's pretty scary how they go at it."

For his part, costar Cam is just happy to be playing a good guy this time around. "[Minka's Sarah] meets my character at a party, and we have this blossoming relationship," he explained. "[Recently] I saw [Leighton] do a scene where she's up waiting for Minka and I to get home from a date, so I drop her off at her dorm. And Leighton comes out with the creepiest look on her face! Just so much disgust, and she doesn't even look at me. [My character] has never even met her before." If it's anything like the Blair Waldorf stare, consider us shaking in our cineplex seats already.

Are you excited to get a new "Roommate" come 2010?