'Glee' Recap: Episode 8, A 'Mash-Up' And A Slushie Facial

It was the night of a thousand slushie attacks! With Halloween right around the corner, the only thing scaring the kids of McKinley High School was the threat of getting the dreaded slushie facial. No one was safe, not even former A-listers Finn and Quinn. But, F & Q weren’t the only couple facing some unsavory situations. Engaged teachers Ken and Emma can’t decide on a wedding song — Emma wants the classy “I Could Have Danced All Night” from “My Fair Lady” while Ken opts for the slightly less classy “Thong Song” by Sisqo (“I need something I can shake my moneymaker to,” he cried.)

Emma asks Mr. Schuester to make a mash-up of the two songs for the wedding, which, let’s face it is no small task. But that’s hardly the only thing up Will’s sleeve when he busts a move. Literally. Will shows breaks it down for Young MC’s hip-hop classic “Bust a Move.” It wasn’t the only time he rapped in this episode, either (Matthew Morrison certainly channeled his old boy band days with his rendition of “The Thong Song.” We want more!)

While Emma turns to Will for wedding help, Finn and Quinn turn to her for advice on how to be cool. Emma (inadvertently) suggests the two cover up in sunglasses. But, shades won’t block Finn from the piece of hard-hitting information he gets from Coach Ken, who tells the football players they must choose between being a team player and glee club.

Whoa! What’s this? Noah and Rachel making out?! We need an explanation! Luckily (thanks voiceovers), Noah explains to us that his mother (whose less than orthodox traditions include traumatizing Noah’s little sister with viewings of "Schindler’s List") has urged him to date a Jewish girl. Voila, enter Rachel, a “hot Jew." But, no matter how hot they are (and, they kinda were, actually) is there any way they can make this work? He used to be the one throwing slushies at her. Not to mention Rachel was picturing Finn as she makes out with Noah. A few red flags to say the least!

Rachel tells Noah he isn’t up to snuff yet (re: you’re not Finn) and tells him he won’t be a man for the job until he can do his own solo. Cue Neil Diamond’s uber-cheesy “Sweet Caroline” (Noah, you better hope Rachel isn’t a Yankees fan) and you’ve got Quinn making googly eyes at the (real) father of her child. While Rach is pretty impressed with his willingness to step up to the plate for her, he can’t deal with the humiliation of being on the receiving end of a cold, cold drink in his face and knows his devotion will be to the football team.

Back in the Bermuda love triangle of Ken, Emma, and Will, Emma tries on her wedding dress (So. Freakin’. Cute.) to take it for a test spin in “I Could Have Danced All Night.” Don’t know what was more swoon-worthy in this scene, Will’s fancy footwork, or his reaction to seeing Emma in her beautiful dress. We’re going with the latter. But, falling for Emma (you know he is!) isn’t the only thing Will has to deal with when he leaves to negotiate getting his glee players back.

Ken knows Emma loves Will but loves her enough to not care (poor guy). Will admits he’s done nothing to remedy that situation. Without his football players, New Directions won’t have enough people to go to sectionals. The increasingly-stressed out Finn winds up being the one to insist to Ken he doesn’t want to have to choose glee or football.

So while the football players can do (hooray!) glee club, it’s hardly all wrapped up in one of those nice little bows on Emma's cardigans. Rachel and Noah’s short-lived courtship comes to an end when they realize they have feelings for Finn and Quinn, respectively, that just won’t go away. Quinn’s problems get even deeper when Sue Sylvester (who had her heart broken by her news anchor coworker) snaps and kicks the pregnant cheerleader off Cheerios.

With all the drama that unfolded tonight, including those last lingering moments between Will and Emma is it too much to ask for the episode to end on a more, gleeful note? Cue the mass slushie attack (a loving one) onto Mr. Schuester. OK, now, I can’t stop smiling.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you love how Kurt took one for the team and demanded a “day spa, stat!”? Were you rooting for Rachel and Noah to work out? Or are they meant to be with Finn and Quinn? And most importantly, do we really have to wait two more weeks until the next new episode??