January Jones Goes 'Mad' For Girl Power, Queso, Wii & Beer In GQ: Cover Story

Ashton Kutcher might be a loyal family man now, but Demi Moore's husband wasn't so encouraging when he was dating "Mad Men" star and GQ cover girl January Jones. The actress told the magazine in its November cover story that when she first moved to L.A. to try her hand at acting, her boyfriend at the time (i.e. Ashton) was not so supportive of her new career. “He was like, 'I don’t think you’re going to be good at this.'" It's hard to believe that anyone could root against the woman who so wholly encapsulates 60s housewife Betty Draper every Sunday night, but it's possible the nay saying helped January become a better actress because of it. "The minute you tell me I can’t do something, that’s when I’m most motivated," she explained.

Continuing her unintentional crusade to win over every person in America simply because of the fact that there's nothing unlikable about her, January made it clear that not only is she strikingly gorgeous, she's refreshingly down to earth. She drank Bud Light after Bud Light while on a plane from Chicago to L.A. with the GQ reporter. She loves Chili's skillet queso so much that she doesn't even mind when it's not served in a skillet, like at the O'Hare airport Chili's where she began her interview. In high school, she loved the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin and Phish, and she worked as a lifeguard at a Sioux Falls, South Dakota water park. And when she hangs out with her friends, she plays Wii instead of going to clubs.

Of course, there are the things that make you want to hate her, too. Like the fact that January listens to Muse and The Fray, but on an iPod Jon Hamm gave her. But reading about some of her pre-fame adventures — like learning to lose her thick Midwestern "'Fargo' accent" from the rich mother of an ex-boyfriend, hanging out and doing improv with Jason Segel and the rest of the Judd Apatow crew, dressing up in full Michael Jackson gear for a party at the Playboy mansion where every other girl was practically (or actually) naked and the horror movie she made in 2001 that was so bad she and her co-star Nick Stahl walked out of the Sundance premiere — it's clear she strikes the right balance between breathtakingly gorgeous classic beauty and just one of the guys.

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