Ryan Reynolds' 'The Proposal' Earns Top Slot As Highest Grossing Romantic Comedy Of All Time

The Proposal Today is September 1st, and, though there are still 20 days left of summer, it marks the end of the 2009 summer movie season. The box office numbers show that 2009 was the highest grossing summer ever — surprising for the lack of blockbuster hits (a term typically defined as a film that grosses over $300 million). The biggest surprise to come out of the summer movie roundup came in the form of a Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds rom-com. That’s right: "The Proposal" was the #10 highest grossing film of the summer and, with a $160 total domestic gross, the highest grossing romantic comedy domestically in history.

"But what about the 'Sex and the City' movie?" you may ask yourself in reference to last year’s hugely successful big screen debut of the Big Apple’s fabulous foursome. Well, the "Sex and the City: The Movie" went on to make $415 million worldwide (yes, blockbuster status!), but $262 million of that came from international sales and only $152 million was domestic. It seems then, undebatably, that "The Proposal" is in fact the most successful summer rom-com of all time … in the US.

Personally, I didn’t think "Proposal" was anything special, but Touchstone’s marketing campaign (a.k.a. plastering Ryan Reynolds’ rockin’ bod virtually everywhere) seemed to pay off. Sandra Bullock’s return to romantic comedies after a three year hiatus also could have been the draw to make "Proposal" the impressive success that it was (though, I had no idea she was so well-loved). There also is the fact that it was the only big-name romantic comedy to come out of the summer. Regardless of the circumstances or the methods, "The Proposal" was a major hit.

And now it looks like CBS is trying to catch some of that winning formula — though maybe drawing from the wrong parts. Variety reported this week that the network has picked up the new comedy "Open Books" from “Will & Grace” alumna Gail Lerner. The plot circles around the life of a book editor named June and her circle of friends. For those of you unfamiliar with the plot of “The Proposal,” Sandra Bullock was a successful editor at a New York publishing company. The question is: Will “Open Books” be a total flop without its own Ryan Reynolds?

What do you think about "Proposal" earning the #1 spot on the highest grossing rom com of all time?