'Mad Men': Get The Streamlined Look Of The Ladies With Tips From The Show's Makeup Artist

If you're unaware that the 60s were some of the sexiest times around, then you clearly have been missing out on AMC's awesome critical hit, "Mad Men." Focusing around the lives of a company of ad men when advertising was at its sleekest and most influential, the ladies of the show — despite consistently being looked down upon as subordinates — are just as paramount as the guys are.

One of the best aspects of "Mad Men" is its divine style and delicious costuming. Leading ladies Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss, pictured above left), Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks, pictured above center) and Betty Draper (January Jones pictured above right) are believable as women of the 60s while still seeming accessible to today's audience. Make-up department head Lana Horochowski said weeks of research went into making the ladies of "Mad Men" look picture perfect.

"I love looking through the old magazines. They are a great reference and a huge source of inspiration," Lana said in a recent interview. "However, we do try to keep the characters looking like real people who do their own makeup and not like movie stars with a makeup artist standing by."

Instead of going back to earlier make-up brands, Lana said she uses mostly MAC Cosmetics products, like Creme Colour Base and Fluidline gel liner, to give her starlets their retro look. Her use of makeup emphasizes the personalities of the show's characters, much like the costumes and hairstyles do. In fact, Lana often collaborates with those departments during production. "We have at least three meetings per episode to create the look as a unit," she explained.

Peggy , the rising star of Sterling Cooper, is a "young and fresh faced business woman," so Lana uses clean and natural makeup on her. "Since the key to Peggy's look is to appear as though she is wearing no makeup, a great foundation is super important," Lana shared. "Also, a natural cheek and lip stain is applied to give her a little color."

The key to fiery red-head Joan's flirty exterior is a "heavier eye." So, Lana says she always uses eyeliner (like Fluidline in shades "Blacktrack" and "Rich Ground") and false lashes. "Joan is always put together, very sassy and sexy."

Don Draper's (Jon Hamm gorgeous wife, Betty, on the other hand, has two specific looks: "Her at home look and her going out/evening look," the makeup artist notes. "For home she is very natural, basically a sheer foundation, think black eyeliner and mascara. Evening Betty goes a little thicker on the liner and a brighter lipstick, but is always coordinated with her clothing." Among Lana's favorite MAC shades for January's lips is the coral "Vegas Volt" lipstick and lip pencils in "Redd" and "Cherry."

Lana has become quite the expert on 60s beauty since joining the show's staff for season three, so now able to give tips for everyone to get the great look. "MAC's Fluidline is key for recreating the perfect 60s eye," she said, "and it is important to replace lip glosses and shimmers with matte lipsticks in red, pink and coral for a more retro look." Lana also shared that using cremes instead of powder blushes were better for making a "flushed-looking cheek." Finally, if you're heading out on the town, she advises: "strip lashes are always a bonus."

While the look of the 60s is always sexy to throw back to, I am perfectly content with the position of power we ladies hold in the modern day — so here's to being able to combine the two!

What do you think of the tips from Lana? Will you be heading to your local MAC counter anytime soon?