SPECIAL: What If 'Twilight' Was Made In The 1980s? We Cast Johnny Depp, River Phoenix And More!

Sure, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may fit the characters of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan like a glove, but what if Stephenie Meyer's vamp classic was written during the high-flying, colorful 1980s? Who would glitter in the sun during the era of John Hughes and the Brat Pack?

Well, that's what we wondered too, which is why we're happy to present "Twilight:" 80's Edition! We've broken out the Adobe Photoshop and decided to cast our favorite "Twilight" characters if the film was made over twenty years ago. Instead of RPattz and KStew, fans could've easily been cheering on the romance of RPhoenix and ASheedy. Click here or on the photo below to browse our re-imagined photo gallery, and read on below for our new cast of characters.

River Phoenix as Edward Cullen: Before Zac Efron, the Jonas Brothers and...yes, Robert Pattinson...there was River Phoenix. The 80s heartthrob starred in such classic films as "Explorers" and "Stand By Me" before getting nominated for an Oscar at age 18 for his role in "Running On Empty." His promising career was cut short in 1993 when the star was tragically found dead of a drug overdose in Los Angeles. During his heyday, however, he brought just the right amount of brooding sexiness that could fuel the role of Edward Cullen. (Who could share the screen as his Bella? Find out after the jump!)

Ally Sheedy as Bella Swan: Best known as the quiet, quirky member of the Breakfast Club, Ally Sheedy not only shares the acting chops of Kristen Stewart, but is also a dead ringer for the girl that would eventually bring Bella to life.

Johnny Depp as Jacob Black: Yes ladies, before he became the hot Johnny Depp of the 1990s and 2000s, he was the hot Johnny Depp of the 1980s. The star of such fare as "Edward Scissorhands" and seminal TV classic "21 Jump Street," Depp brings the sexy protectiveness that a role like Jacob needs. And he even had long hair back then!

Who did we cast as Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice? Click here to browse our "Twilight:" 80s Edition image gallery and find out!!

So kids...how'd we do with our casting choices? Let us know your own in the comments below!

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