Everything You Need To Know About Space Sex From Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Sit down Cosmo, here are some ~cosmic~ sex tips.

We've all thought of Neil DeGrasse Tyson as our honorary space dad for a while now and we always knew the time would come where he'd have to give us that super important "talk." That's right -- we're talking 'bout space sex.

In an interview with "TODAY"'s Matt Lauer, the world-famous astrophysicist turned pop culture icon addressed the number one question he receives from his legions of fans on Youtube: How does it -- meaning the sexy times -- work up there? Like, in space.


First off, Tyson says, space sex is intrinsically kinkier -- you're going to need some help keeping everything aligned and under control because of that lack of gravity life. (He concedes that for some people this may already be part of the equation.)


"So if you're weightless in space, yeah," Tyson explains with the dextrous gestures of a deeply disappointed parent. "You learn Newton's Laws of Motion firsthand when that happens, because you hit and there's a lot of recoiling."


The "million mile high club," Tyson confirms, is worlds away (like literally and figuratively) from your apartment or in your mom's sedan: "You'll need tools or an apparatus for that."

(But, like, on earth or in space or just about anywhere, use protection and communicate with your partners for legitimately out of this world sex, okay? Okay.)

Watch the full interview here: