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Mariah Carey Would Like Some Credit For The '90s Trends She Started, Please

And we're here to give it to her.

Mariah Carey has come to be known for ruling the '90s -- from music to fashion, she's spearheaded some of our favorite trends that have since circled back to us. And now, rightfully so, Mariah would like what's hers.

In an interview with Refinery29 about her collaboration with MAC on a Christmas-inspired lipstick, Mariah talked about her role in creating some iconic '90s looks, and how she'd like to be given some damn credit. While Mariah first waves off any indication that she cares about the state of current trends, she changes her tune when it's suggested that she started a lot of the ones we're seeing today -- matte lips, all-nude-everything, you get the idea. Her response?

"Oh, really? That would be nice to get some acknowledgement on that."

Well, we're always up for giving credit where it's due, and Mariah most definitely deserves some props for making the ~'90s look~ both memorable and worth replicating. Take for example...

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Or this.

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And especially this.

So, here's to you, Mariah. Without you, our closets wouldn't be filled with crop tops and lip liner. And for that, we thank you.