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Chris Hemsworth Looks Like Tom Hanks In 'Cast Away,' And It's Making Us Feel Things

But where's Wilson?

Chris Hemsworth is definitely one of Hollywood's biggest hunks, gracing our TV screens with his ab-tastic body, his long, luscious blonde hair (as Thor) and his jawline that easily rivals that of Matt Bomer's. Plus, he was People's 2014 Sexiest Man Alive.

Keep all that in mind when you see how he looks in a photo he shared on Twitter Sunday (Nov. 22). OK? Brace yourselves.


Hemsworth stars in the upcoming adventure movie "In The Heart Of The Sea," directed by Ron Howard. The film is based on Nathaniel Philbrick's 2000 novel of the same name, about the whale that inspired Herman Melville to write the classic novel "Moby-Dick."

Hemsworth plays Owen Chase, who must fight to survive with his fellow shipmates after a ginormous sperm whale rams into their ship, the Essex. The survivors are forced to resort to some dark options if they want to live and not die of starvation.

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Speaking of starvation, Hemsworth and his cast mates, including the new Spider-Man-to-be Tom Holland, had to look convincingly starved for a portion of the film. Obviously, you can't actually starve actors, can you? Well, according to Entertainment Weekly, Hemsworth said the actors were eating a measly 500 calories a day. A DAY.

"We kind of went insane, weighing ourselves every day. We all felt like a bunch of supermodels, trying to get down in weight for a show, or something. That’s all we spoke about. You’ve got 15 burly blokes on the sea and all we talked about was our diet, and who’d lost more weight, and who’s looking really skinny. It’s ridiculous!," Hemsworth said.

Uh, "ridiculous" is absolutely right. Hemsworth looks like Tom Hanks' character in "Cast Away." All he needs is his BFF volleyball Wilson, and he'd be a cosplaying king.

If you haven't already seen the epic trailer, check it out below.

"In The Heart Of The Sea" opens in theaters December 11.