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Adopted Boy Born With No Right Hand Bonds With New Grandpa -- Also Born With No Right Hand

And they're already BFFs.

Doug and Lesley Facey, a married couple from Newfoundland, Canada, had been trying to adopt a child for years -- until recently, when they met four-year-old Kirill, and their dream of becoming parents came true. And yet, as if that weren't heartwarming on its own, there's a very special reason that Kirill couldn't be a more perfect addition to the Facey family.

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Kirill, who was adopted from Kazakhstan, was born without a right hand. As it turns out, his brand new grandfather, Chris Facey, was also born without a right hand. And when the two met for the first time, they formed an instant, adorable bond.

In an interview with ABC News, Doug Facey said, "My Dad's reaction was one of excitement as well because he could show [and] teach Kirill that the sky is the limit and he can do whatever he wants."

In fact, granddad and grandson are already the best of friends. "They do the 'stump bump' every time they see each other as their way of shaking hands," Facey said. "Both constantly ask about the other. They talk on the phone and see each other as often as they can."

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Okay, wiping away tears now.

Equally as amazing is Doug and Lesley's attitude toward adopting a child. "What I'm most proud of is that Kirill can now be a kid," Doug told ABC. "He doesn't have to worry about love, someone caring for him, a place to sleep, clothes or anything. He just has to be a kid."