You Can Now Buy Jeans Distressed By Tigers


Think I can train the stray cats on my block to do this?
Photos: Kamine Zoo

In a move that seems lifted from a Zoolander subplot, a Japanese zoo is letting its animals distress jeans. The lions, tigers, and bears (oh my) at Kamine Zoo are introduced to rolls of denim wrapped around their favorite toys, tires and and rubber balls, which they then maul, because, y'know, they're animals. The distressed material is then turned into jeans by Japanese designers.


Photo: Kamine Zoo

I'd normally file this in the mental file that I have called "Japan WTF" if the money made didn't go towards a worthwhile cause. All proceeds from the sale of the Zoo Jeans are going towards the facility and the World Wildlife Fund in an effort to encourage the environmental protection of animals. The jeans are on display at the zoo until July 21 and are currently being auctioned off online. At last glance, the pair "Designed by Tigers" is already up to $1,194.


Photo: Kamine Zoo

While I'm doubtful that this will catch on as a legitimate design strategy, it certainly succeeded in becoming a conversation starter and has raised awareness for the zoo and the charity in a decidedly eye-catching way. Tip of the hat to you, Kamine Zoo.


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