Rihanna Has A New Piercing On Her Face

Something different, Rih?
Photo: Splash News

When you look at as many pictures of Rihanna as I do (personal interest/job requirement, OK?), you notice when something is different. New hair is expected, but a facial piercing is definitely not. Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw these pics of badgalriri from last night with a ring hanging from her nose! Big debuts that fly under the radar = one of thousands of reasons I miss her Instagram every single day.

Some things def aren’t different, though.
Photo: Splash News

From far away, the new piercing is barely noticeable—maybe Rih thought she could fool us by wearing an iridescent bucket hat and yet another nightgown-esque dress? There’s no fooling me, miss.

The only exception, I guess, is if she didn’t actually get her nose pierced and is wearing a fake ring. Given her love of tattoos and ~unusual~ piercings, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was real. Considering how easy it is to fake it these days, though—Etsy has many options, if you’re interested—it’s totally plausible Rih figured she’d take a ring for a test drive before actually getting a hole put through the bottom of her nose.

Either way, it looks cool. Does Claire’s do septum piercings? Just wondering.

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