Solange Talks 'Casualizing' Her Look In 'Lucky' Cover Story


Solange Knowles for 'Lucky'.
Photo: Solange's Instagram

Solange is just so effortlessly cool, you know? I've been following the "Losing You" singer on Instagram for a while, waiting for updates on new music and trying to figure out how exactly she puts together those flawless outfits of hers. (Full disclosure: Mixing colors is not my strong suit—and don't get me started on prints—which is why Solange is a never-ending style inspiration.) Turns out, style runs in the family.

"When I look back at old pictures, my dad was always smartly dressed, my mom had the most elegant, beautiful style, and my sister was very into the ’90s Cross Colours look, and I…" says Solange, "just had all of these different things inside me… It’s interesting how the past comes back full circle and then it becomes more refined."

Before we go back to Solange, can we all just mentally take a moment to imagine Baby Bey in Cross Colours? R.I.P., me.


Solange Knowles for 'Lucky'.
Photos: Solange's Instagram / Lucky magazine

Solange later elaborates in detail about the "different things" inside her, and the continuation of her personal aesthetic. Previously, she's experimented with a goth phase (we've all been there), a Harajuku Girl moment, and the Rastafarian lifestyle, all of which have influenced what she wears today. Her current preference for color blocking, a departure from mixed prints, is another step in her style evolution, which she credits to putting down roots in New Orleans.

The city seems to have another effect on her. It's been “casualizing” her look. I'm not exactly sure how a coral Derek Lam top and orange Preen trousers qualify as "casual," but I'm in. Even if the closest I'm able to come to replicating Solange's brand of casual cool is with one of those iconic Greek coffee cups.

Either way, I'm picking up a copy of Lucky's August issue to catch more of these on-point outfits.

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