Ariana Grande Is Ready For The Fourth Of July

Ariana Grande

God bless America.
Photo: Splash

No one is more excited for the Fourth of July—the glorious holiday where everybody shoots off illegal fireworks and eats too many hamburgers in celebration of America's independence—than Ariana Grande.

Yesterday while taping her performance for the annual Macy's 4th of July Spectacular, she took the patriotic dress code to heart by wearing a very festive party skirt in a stars and stripes print that resembled both a flag and the kind of picnic tablecloth your mom uses on the Fourth of July. She paired it with an understated white crop top, her signature top pony, and probably these boots, but we'll all just have to tune in to the performance to know for sure.

The special doesn't air until later this week, but you should absolutely, definitely, without a doubt watch and/or DVR it because you gotta see a skirt like that in action. You may not be able to tell here, but there's totally a petticoat under there, and petticoats are ~made~ for dancing. And if anyone knows how to bust a move, it's Ms. Grande.

If you can't wait to see Ariana on your TV, you can check her out tomorrow (July 2) on MTV at 7 p.m. EST during Total Ariana Live. Will she wear another patriotic look? Will she wear monochrome to perform a stripped-down version of "Problem"? The only way to find out is to watch tomorrow night!

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