Get Miley Cyrus' Lil' Kim T-Shirt

Miley Cyrus

Dog not included.
Photo: @mileycyrus Instagram/Shop Jeen

When she's not performing on her Bangerz Tour in myriad outfits or dressing as a #cyberhippie, Miley Cyrus does what we all do—chills with her dogs while wearing an oversized T-shirt. Of course, since she is Miley Cyrus, the T-shirt she wears doesn't feature her alma mater or that ultimate Frisbee team she was on one summer, but rather Lil' Kim. Actually, it features multiple Lil' Kims from the 1999 VMAs. Miley luhves this Kim look—remember her insanely on-point Halloween costume?

Oh, you'd also like to wear Lil' Kim on your shirt? We gotchu, BBs.

The shirt is from Shop Jeen and is still available for $58. While Miley has the big T-shirt version, it also comes in a crop top, if that's something you're interested in.

Whether or not you Instagram your dog hang time is up to you, but if it's going to be as stylish as Miley's, why not?

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