Free People Is Selling Clip-On Dreadlocks, For The Lady Kyle Beckerman In All Of Us


Kyle Beckerman as "every boy I went to college with" and a bouquet of dreads.
Photos: Getty/ Free People

Extensions are nothing new. They've been a thing since basically forever. Urban Outfitters was even selling clip-on bangs for a minute (which, by some miracle of commerce, have since sold out). Clip-on dreads, though? That surprised even me. Boho-emporium Free People is selling "dreadlock extensions" in packs of 10 for $128. They also sell them in an alternate "blue tie-dye" if you're feeling slightly more alt when it comes to your faux style. As shudder-inducing as they are, we can't quite ignore them the way we probably should, thanks to a little American futboler bringing the matted tendril look back into popular vernacular. I'm speaking, of course, about Kyle Beckerman.

Don't get me wrong. I like America, apple pie, Tom Petty songs, and Kyle Beckerman as midfielder for the U.S. soccer team. So, I get how this might be a nice alternative to wearing boxy jerseys and battle-ready face paint as a way to show your team spirit while watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup. But every part of my body is screaming in reaction to this. This might be a reaction from graduating from a very liberal college where I saw a lot of white dudes with dreadlocks, so I have feelings about this. I'm just saying, ladies, there are alternatives, and this, IMHO, is not it.

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